Think Again

Over the course of this blog writing, I have seen many new comers to the website and blog space, which is a great thing. I’m glad that in some small part I’m working to bring more attention to this endeavor that we have undertaken that I view as quite important in todays day and age. Why I see it as important though can be another discussion altogether. You see, one thing that frustrates me in todays world, is the amount of information that we have readily available at the tips of our fingers, and yet no one really seems to be all that interested in reaching out and grabbing it. The amount of misinformation you see pervading the internet across all aspects of social media and other platforms.

Whether some roofer with a blog, or celebrities who believe that they know better than doctors nowadays, the spreading of bad information seems to be much more prevalent than ever before. And even if you take the time to correct an incorrect thought, the general response is a collective shoving of fingers in ears and humming to themselves. I find it quite frustrating as an individual who loves the truth of things. Because oftentimes the truth is much more interesting than any of the fictions that surround the story. That truth is only visible to those that have their eyes open to it though, and as the old saying goes, never let the truth get in the way of a good story.

Regardless of the viewpoints and beliefs that some people have though, there needs to be a point in which you can forego your own views and listen to those of others. Not patiently wait for your turn to tell them how wrong they are, but to actively listen to what they’re saying. This is one of the hardest things I find to be able to do, because we’re so ingrained in thinking that what our opinion is, happens to be the right one. Anyone who gets in the way of that line of thought is an enemy, and nothing they have to say is worth listening to. This is one of the fundamental things that we try to break down in the website. To accept that your viewpoint is worth challenging, because it forces you to look at something from another direction, and not all the time does this mean you change your mind.

In fact when someone challenges point A, it leads you to back it up with point B, and if that point fails, you sometimes stumble across a point C that you may not have even thought about before, bringing a new perspective to this topic that you thought you already knew all about. This is one of the amazing and beneficial things that comes about when truly arguing a topic. Not arguing in the sense of I’m right and you’re an idiot, but having two different viewpoints come together to speak about one topic, which can be an intellectually beautiful thing whether you’re a roofer or a professional blogger.

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